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How to seduce a MAN.

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You have to ask yourselves what you want. An affair or a relationship although relationships today are pretty much affairs.



Send him naked pictures. End of story, he’s  yours, for one, two, maybe even three nights of pleasure. Then he leaves. WHY? Because that’s all you had to offer. Pleasure.  I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that doesn’t make all men “THE SAME”. You’ll be treated like what you seem to be. That could be a princess, a lady or a slut.



You’re right when you think “looks” matter. They do. It all starts from how you look, unfortunately that’s the way it is. All people are judgmental, whether they admit it or not it’s a different story. For me at least, if you don’t look like you’ve had 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, you’re fine, within reason, of course.   Being pretty is not going to cut it. Not for a MAN. Sure, you can be staggering. But that beauty will pass, what are you going to do when you’re 40 and he leaves you for a “hot” 20 year old? I’ll tell you what. You’re going to say: “ALL MEN ARE THE SAME”. HAH.

Men are not complicated. You should be able to diagnose in a couple of hours. Believe me on this, however confident he is, if he doesn’t falter around you, he’s not interested. You should be able to tell whether he is having a good time or not. How? Well, he smiles like a moron for starters.

A woman that smells good is a magnificent woman. I can’t even describe how big of an impact this can have. Eye contact. This is very important. Look into his eyes, this will improve the atmosphere and give him a sense of security,

When a woman teases, it shows two things: 1. She’s comfortable around you. 2. She’s intelligent. This is my personal opinion, if  she can tease you, she’s intelligent.

Sense of humour. Hah. Well, this is slightly more complicated than it looks.  We’re all different people and We react differently to different things. I like to categorize sense of humour in three categories. Aggressive (Me), passive and English. HAHAHA. You need to be compatible when it comes to humour, again, personal opinion.

CHEMISTRY. No, not GCSE or A Level Chemistry. The chemistry between the two of you. I can’t explain this. I don’t know how, you have to feel it. I’ll give you an example though. In my previous relationship I would pick up the phone and within 5 seconds I’d receive a text, from her. How would I know? I FELT.



Yours, A M Maxim.



What’s destiny

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Destiny – “A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control”

I don’t condemn anyone for believing in this, but really? You really believe certain things will happen to you beyond your control?  “Every small decision changes your life forever”. YOU’re in control of your “destiny”. What do I mean by  that?

YOU leave your house at 8:51 to go to college.  YOU stop in front of your house and realise you had forgotten something, you go back in and get it.  You light up a cigarette and start smoking it. During this time your bus arrives. YOU decide to finish your cigarette and get on the next one. YOU finish your cigarette and get on the next bus.  Overwhelmed by the daily grind times passes as YOU listen to your favourite music. YOU reach your destination. You start walking towards your destination, in your case, DEATH. As YOU pass a construction site a brick falls on your head and YOU instantly die. Horrified?

Let’s analyse this.  Every decision YOU made lead to this horrific accident. YOU decided to go back inside,  YOU decided to leave at 8:51, YOU decided to light up a cigarette, YOU decided to finish it and wait for the next bus. Imagine if you didn’t,  imagine you didn’t do all those things, what would have happened to you then?

Let’s twist this in a slightly different way so people don’t think I’m sadistic. Truth is, I am.

YOU leave your house at  8:54 because you had to iron your shirt. YOU light up a cigarette, classic so far. YOU immediately come to the realisation that it’s very nice weather outside, of course if you live in England you would never say that. Unless it’s those 2 weeks of “summer”. So YOU decide to walk. YOU stop and stare at the sky. YOU’re mesmerised at how calm the sky can make you. As you reach a zebra crossing YOU make sure there are no cars coming and try to cross, that’s when a car runs you ove…..JUST JOKING. So YOU cross the road and look up. YOU’re in heaven, there’s this prince on a white horse smiling at you. I used prince on a white horse because I believe that’s what you ladies are looking for, or am I wrong?

So he comes up to you and he starts a conversation. You guys live happily ever after.

So let’s think about this for a minute. If YOU didn’t iron your shirt, if YOU didn’t walk, if YOU didn’t stop to stare at the sky, if YOU had left 1 minute earlier or one minute later. The question will always be “WHAT IF?”.

I emphasized on “YOU” as much as I could. No one is in control of your destiny.  Your destiny is in your hands and yours only.

Cover Women

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You must be already wondering what I’m talking about.

Have you ever looked at a book and thought it looked interesting?. Then you opened it and didn’t really like what you read? You liked the cover of the book but the book not so much ? Well that’s how it is with SOME women. I can’t emphasize on this enough, some.

They try to be pretty, 80 ml of perfume a day, 2 lbs of foundation, 1 lbs of mascara, high heels (they always complain at the end of the day. IF IT HURTS DON’T WEAR THEM),tight jeans, push-up bra. Physically it’s all good. Until you wake up the next day and you want to run as fast as you can. Seriously, as much skill you think you have at putting make up on, WE CAN SEE IT. ALWAYS. Especially if you look like you fell in a bucket of plaster and you need a hammer and a chisel to take it off.

If you try to have a conversation with her, you’re going to have a bad time. She can’t keep the conversation going past “How was your day?”, “Fine, yours?”.

She’s so shallow and yet so arrogant, or a better adjective, ignorant. 🙂

I see them all the time, on the bus, on the underground, on the train, even on the streets. Just the other day I heard one of these “Covers” bullying a woman on the street because apparently she wasn’t wearing high heels, what was she thinking? What a bitch.

You probably started getting offended now, who is this kid talking like this about women?

Well, I’ve spoken to both, “Covers” and highly intelligent woman. The difference is measured in light years.  There’s an immense difference between talking to someone for 5 hours without getting bored and willing to stick a pen in your eye after 5 minutes of agonising pain.

Are you a cover or a book people don’t want to stop reading?

Yours, A M Maxim

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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There’s diversity in every group of friends.

You have the quiet one, the one that always stands back and listens but never says anything.

The talkative simply won’t shut up. He’s the one that takes the lead. He’s the one that creates the atmosphere when everyone’s passed out on the floor from too much alcohol.

Mister Profanity. That guy that uses “fuck” as punctuation.

The funny one, the one that makes really bad jokes, so bad you start hysterically laughing.

Now this is my favourite, the annoying one, usually that’s me. The one that takes pleasure in annoying people, within a limit, of course. 🙂

You have the “nerd”. That one guy/girl that comes out once every 3 months. Although they spend most of their time “learning” they’re quite fun to hang around.

The “naturally intelligent” persona.  The one that seems to know everything.

The musician gets all the attraction from the ladies. Not sure how fond of the musician the “really attractive” is.

We all know that one person that brags about how much they can drink without getting drunk.The light head. HAH.  As the night continues you realise it’s not 5 bottle of whiskey as he/she predicted, it’s actually one light beer.

The crazy one is probably my second favourite. That one person that comes out with the most inappropriate ideas at the most inappropriate times. The weird thing is We actually do what he says.


If you read this and think: “No, I don’t have this type in my group.” I have news for you, it’s probably YOU.


Yours A M Maxim


Religion and Science

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I was having a rather interesting conversation with a friend about religion.  She was saying the BIG BANG happened because god wanted it to happen…Hmmmm

If there were people that ask themselves where We come from, why us, why here, why now without putting all in the name of god I wouldn’t be writing this. This is how I manifest myself.

Whenever you question some religious person about the existence of a greater power, a god, they immediately quote the Bible/Quran like they were faxed from heaven.

Since Constantine the Great was able to alter some things in the Bible who are we to say someone else before him didn’t do the same?

I will admit there are things in the Bible that are mind blowing. But then again, there are things science discovers every day that are just inexplicable.

There are questions that Science can’t answer but then again can the Bible/Quran?

The Bible says “Earth” is at the centre at the universe. Why was the church against Copernicus’s model of the Milky Way where Earth orbits the Sun and not the other way around? HMMM. Why did the church banned/killed,incarcerated  so many scientists?


Yours, A M Maxim

Why do people stop dreaming?

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Let’s be honest, how many childhood dreams come true for each and any one of you? Not a lot I would say.

Why is that?

Well maybe you chose something that isn’t up to your abilities. That’s what most people say. Partially true, you can’t make a fish compete with a panther at climbing a tree.

You weren’t motivated enough and settled for something less than you think you deserve. Why?

Because most of us were spoon fed by parents, spoon fed at school, We never had to do anything to “GET” it. Although I detest this, I fall in the same category. When you don’t have to do anything in exchange for something you get used to that and when you finally go out in the real word….BOOOOM. It hits you. It’s not everything in a pink bubble. NOTHING IS FREE. WOW.

“Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today.”

Don’t procrastinate all the time. No one is going to come and say: “Hey can I help you make your dream come true?”. YOU have to go and get it. So if it’s becoming a doctor, an engineer, an athlete or a comedian YOU have to make that happen. True, most countries are based on nepotism but hey, if you don’t try you don’t get. You ask, you get.

DO IT NOW, that’s of course if you can, if not, you still can.  Many people dream, not many do anything about it.

So what have you done today that made you say: “Hah. I’m one step closer to my dream” ?

Yours, A M Maxim

Real men

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Some people tend to think the age of 18 is somehow the boundary between “boys” and “men”. HAH. I laugh.

So what are real men like?

Well, real mean like to abuse their woman. Feeling strong eh? Real men like to have the last word, ALWAYS. A real man will never admit when he’s wrong although he knows it.

Real men don’t cry. HAH.  Real men don’t show feelings, after all, men are brutes.  Real men don’t get sad when they get rejected but they do go home and sit in a corner thinking what they could have said to improve their chances.

Real men don’t bring flowers to their girlfriends or boyfriends 🙂 . No, that would make them look weak in front of their friends. Real men don’t wash dishes, that’s for women, right? Cooking is out of the question, that shit is also for for women.

Real men don’t respect the elders because respect is earned not given. Real men don’t hold the door open for people, unless it’s a “hot” woman. Can’t pass on the opportunity to stare at her “behind”, it’s what makes us feel like men. Real men got used to getting their way with sluts so easily they forgot the art of seducing a “real” woman.

I strongly suggest you treat “real” men with superiority on the basis: Don’t die, shut up and continue living in a cave.

If you’re a real man and you know it, do whatever the fuck you want to.

Yours, A M Maxim