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Is it her fault for the scars left by someone else?

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Is it her fault you let your past haunts you?


Mistrust is like a preventive slap. Every promise is a hazard. We don’t enter a relationship like the villains in movies. We don’t go on a first date with a diabolical plan to win her trust. After we got it, we don’t use a silver knife to cut her soul in little pieces. No one can promise a future that will change us…..

Women are disposed to believe stories. She’s kissed many frogs, you might turn out to be a prince.

We, men, suffer from retrospective paranoia. If someone just cheated on him, all women are undiscovered whores, temporarily.

If his ex was “spendy” then you better not bring your £800 Chanel bag on the first date. If his ex gained a bit of weight, you better expect him to look if you’ve finished your meal, even if you ordered salad.

He’s so scared of the last relationship he isn’t even enjoying himself around you. He’s analysing you, comparing everything you do with his last consort. God forbid if you share one or two traits.

If you ask me, we’re not paranoid. We’ve been there, done that. We know these womanly circumventions very well.

So I have to ask, why would you want to start over again with someone who lives in the past, someone who brings all the negativity with him? Why would you want someone who projects everything that happens in the past on present’s board? That’s a relationship without………………………without a future.

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Yours, A M MAXIM


Can you regret a relationship that never happened?

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There are people that can drown from a glass of water and there are people who can swim from France to England.

There are people that don’t see the door open and people that dig their way to freedom from the prison of memories.  Most of the times a relationship doesn’t happen because of others.

Being afraid of making the same mistakes we don’t do anything.  And that’s how you end up regretting a relationship you never had, a love that you aborted, a blossoming soul and you can’t stop thinking whether it would be same or better if you were next to him/her.

You could have been next to her.

You could have illuminated her face and her nights.

The better she is in her new relationship the more you regret she didn’t live it with you.

……but dreams change their address when you wait too long before visiting them.

That’s how we end up regretting tomorrow.

Future is past in reverse.


Yours, A M Maxim

Why are we immune to words?

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Because men are like advertisements: the description has nothing to do with the product.

After all, actions are what we expect from one another, it’s a lot easier to say than to do.

Big words often hide sensitive souls, which hide like children in mummy’s shoes.

You can’t walk in words. You can’t try to convince with promises. What’s fair, there are men that work 2 jobs and think that’s enough. They work for the happiness of the couple but leave it halved…..

It may be unfair that some of these people wake up alone. On the other hand how many people sleep together in the same bed, ALONE? Maybe it is unfair. But we need something sweet at the end of the meal, even though that doesn’t kill your hunger.

It’s hard to balance, it’s hard not to succeed. You don’t have to. Men like in movies only exist in movies.

Negative characters exist in everyone’s subconsciousness.

I’m extremely skeptical when someone compliments me, especially when it’s usually followed by a request.

Women are very skeptical to promises, especially since they are followed by nothing.



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You’re paying so much attention to the world’s danger and its opportunities…….that you can’t see the danger in yourself…..the opportunities in you.

It might surprise you how many opportunities in your career you have missed because you were rushing to his house, especially how many great men you missed because of your badly rewarded monogamy.

If you had one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, would you capture it, or let it go? I know right, Eminem, classic.  How many would say yes? I’ll tell you. All of you will say yes. A very small minority will ever do anything about it. Now I don’t know the reason behind that because we’re all different. We all think differently, value things differently.

Create an opportunity to do something new with her. Otherwise she will create opportunities when she’s bored of you. There’s more chances of her getting bored of you when you’re doing the same things. 🙂

Ultimate opportunity. You have all the reasons to run away and one to stay. Can love compensate for everything?

There’s more praying in hospitals than there are in churches. You feel small. Insignificant. Around you just forgotten people. Sometimes forgotten by their family. Forgotten by the system.  That thing about the solidarity of the human race that seems like a bad joke. When you’re O positive and the doctor smirks at you sadistically saying: We have no blood.

Opportunities arise, you just have to get involved. Why is it that the ultimate primate brain makes us forget humanity?

You will have an opportunity to get the job you wanted. But that opportunity will not come knock at your door. You have to go search for it.

You will have the opportunity to date the guy of your dreams, assuming he is somewhat real. But that’s not going to happen if “all guys are the same”. Or am I wrong? You’ll get the opportunity to meet someone decent, that is if you stop covering yourself in plaster. Need a chisel?

The opportunity to do something great, that I don’t know. I guess it depends of what your definition of great is. For me, it’s wingsuiting. How many people can say they’ve done it? 🙂

You’ll get the chance to shine, YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. You make your own destiny.


Yours, A M Maxim

The power of your mind

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The power of your mind…..


Right before you go to bed and you formulate all these different scenarios about your love life,  your career, your principles. Right before you fall asleep when the biggest decisions of your life are made, with your head on the weightless pillow.

It’s funny how most of the things you decide never turn up the way you planned them. The girl of your dreams didn’t respond the way you expected it so you couldn’t have used that awesome line you were planning on surprising her with. The guy of your dreams didn’t text you: “Good morning beautiful.” There go all the bonus points he would have earned if he did, right?

You didn’t put your foot down when your boss was being obnoxious because his coffee tasted like your perfume. What a coincidence…….

The bus took less time than you expected. No traffic this time. I guess all that time you spent trying to come up with an excuse was wasted…..I’m going to troll Einstein a bit and say time can not be created or destroyed, it can be recycled.

The power of your mind, shutting down in the middle of an exam. Such a joy when you start panicking about a simple question that you simply can’t comprehend. You read the question, again and again and it still doesn’t make any sense. It’s like the page is blurry. Your mind can work for you or against you at the most unexpected moments.

Deja-vu. I can’t even begin to describe how many times when doing something I feel like I did it before and I actually knew I was going to do it. I just can’t figure out how to find out before hand. As someone said, the fascination of the mind…….

When you’re around your crush and you start sweating like there’s no tomorrow, saying ridiculous things that don’t even make sense. And you’re just there, stupefied at yourself.

Your mind is the most and only treasure you have.  Cherish it. Expand it. Feed it. Let your mind take you to worlds you didn’t know existed. Mystical worlds, unexplored worlds.


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Yours, A M Maxim.


Where do we find beauty?

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“The experience of “beauty” often involves an interpretation of some entity as being in balance and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. Because this can be a subjective experience, it is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

As soon as we mention beauty we think of women. Some of us think about that woman we passed by today that was so aesthetically pleasing. Beauty right? If you’re in this position, live a little, idiot.

I think the ability to find beauty in everything is a necessity. Too many people want more when they could work with what they have. The glass is never half full or empty, there’s always something in there, you just have to SEE it.


One of my special friends is in Vienna right now and she sent me this. How many of us would say it’s too cold, or the weather is obnoxious? I’d just sit down on a bench, smoke a cigarette and just take in the view. Actually, I’m lying, I’d smoke more than one.

We can find beauty in nature, the awesome machinery that nature is.

What’s more beautiful than a  lioness adopting an antelope, her pray? This is mind blowing. If animals can do this, why can’t we live peacefully as humans? Why do we need so many wars? Oh that’s right, the americans need oil.

We can find beauty in hobbies. Doing what you like is beautiful, it pleases you, otherwise why are you doing it? ^_^

The beauty in art. You know the Sistine Chapel? You’re Michelangelo and what you’re doing is the Sistine chapel.

You can find beauty in women. I don’t mean physical beauty, that will pass. I’m talking about the beauty beneath the mask, beneath her beautiful.

In the memory of the good times

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It was a windy day of September. I was sitting in math class doing some exercises. Nothing was interesting, not even math. 🙂

I heard a knock on the door. I looked up and this lady walked in. She was wearing tight jeans, an orange blouse and a matching jeans jacket. I can’t recall the shoes, wasn’t interested in that. She walked in with a faint smile, you could see she was embarrassed. She was late. She casually sat down, her hair falling on her back like the autumn leaves find their place on the cold ground. Of course I couldn’t do any math for the rest of the day.

For a couple of weeks I didn’t know what to do. I was pretty new to the ladies game. I remember how I’d finish the exercises the teacher set before the deadline and she’d come to check my answers. I couldn’t even look at her, I was pretending I was talking to the person next to me. I’m surprised I’m even writing this as I feel I’m letting my ego down. Well, my ego is so big this won’t affect it. 🙂

So one day as I was saying good bye to my friend I saw her walking to the train station. Right, sweaty hands and a heart the size of an iceberg I decided to introduce myself, with a half a mouth and looking down. -_-

I had found out she was older than me and also Hungarian. Why do bad things happen to good people? Or why do good things happen to bad people? I haven’t decided yet. So I added her on skype and after 1-2 weeks we starting dating.

Everything was amazing while it lasted. I learned a lot of things you should and shouldn’t do. I also learned a lot of things you shouldn’t do but do them anyway because your name is Alex and you’re stubborn. 2 years and a bit down the road I get to say : Happy birthday!