Month: December 2013

What to do when your girlfriend/wife decides to leave you…..

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When she tells you she doesn’t like your grumpy face when you wake up in the morning…..or that she’s sick of you…..

Start begging and go on all fours asking for mercy. Tell her you can’t live without her…..All this nonsense that you’d do. DON’T. You can’t stop a woman from leaving. You can only make her not want to.

When she tells you she wants to leave your pathetic being ask her the following: “Are you sure?”  If she replies with “yes”  say “Ok, bye” and move on with your life….Ask her if she needs any help, with moving her stuff out of your apartment, of course….

If you can’t live without her, if the sun rises and sets above her, if you can’t perceive a world without her, if your weather forecast depends on her smile then your only chance is this. If you want the slightest chance of reconciliation at some point in life then do this. By trying to lick her high heels you’re only going to prolong this unnecessary pain….and she will see this….she will realise your slavery and will crush you. Believe me, it’s her instinct to do so.

If you manage to change her mind through humiliation then I assure you she’ll want to leave again , and soon. Why? Because you just showed her that you’re something she wipes the floor with.

Just by saying “Ok, bye” you made her think. Hold on, I said I was leaving him and he said ok? UH-OH. Her pride will work for you and against her.


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Yours, A M Maxim.