The biggest compliment you can give a woman + RANT

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Some of you will start formulating compliments in your head before approaching a woman. The most common compliment that comes to your mind when reading the title is “you’re beautiful”. Nostradamus, or what?

You can call a woman beautiful but a woman who knows her value knows that. So, is that the biggest compliment? Only if it was, it’d make my life a lot easier and this post a lot shorter. 🙂 She’s heard it before. Also, how can the most used compliment be the BIGGEST? How do you even consider it a compliment when this sentence is used around the world, every second I reckon? Same compliment, different receiver. I’m more of a “you’re sweater suits you” kind of guy…..

While we’re on the topic of beauty I have something to rant about. I see this every day. Why is it that girls that need a chisel and a hammer to take their make-up off, the kind of girl that looks like she fell in a bucket of plaster gets so rude and cocky because some random desperate guy called her pretty? Not even pretty, “hot”. And you know what pisses me off, what makes my blood boil in my veins? The fact that the plasticated ones talk down on the naturally pretty ones, the ones that are humble enough to not say anything. The ones that are quiet, not bothering anyone. SUCH RAGE.

When you behave like a moron around her, she knows you’re comfortable enough, she might take that as the biggest compliment, or she might think you’re retarded.

Some of you might not be able to relate, but do you know that feeling when you engage in a thought provoking conversation with your friend and you have so much fun? Can you imagine having that with a woman? I can. It’s a different feeling. Now that can be a real contender to the prize of biggest compliment. That in a woman can be delicious…….

Some might think the biggest compliment anyone has ever given them is that their dance in the bedroom is fabulous. 🙂

I can go on forever. List endless possibilities but the truth is …………..diversity. We all come from different backgrounds, have different expectations, different reasoning. Some might find one the things I just listed as the biggest compliment, and some might find it as the biggest insult. They work that way 🙂

As to what I think is the biggest compliment you could give a woman…….It’s a friendly compliment……………………..”I like the way your husband/fiancee/boyfriend thinks.”

PS: A compliment is supposed to be something you haven’t thought of, something  unexpected…


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