Month: February 2014

How NOT to start a conversation with a woman you don’t know…

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I find the title amusing. Why? Because a woman will know whether she wants to sleep with you or not from first sight. The only thing you can do is change her mind into saying NO.

There’s some subconscious sortation or maybe even very  conscious.

Everything can start from this point….

Women are the best liars and the best detectors of lies. So I think it’s more PROFITABLE to not lie and be so sure of yourself. Better a truth, faltering.  If you’re on the list….she’s going to say you faultered “cutely”, proving sensitivity. If you’re not….she’ll think you’re semi-retarded…

Life is not fair. :)))))

I’m a big fan of a the guy who has the charm of not lying when creating a conversation. I believe in common choices. From the first seconds. I choose to speak, she chooses to listen.

I believe in weighing the chances before you approach her. I believe in eye contact. I know that for some this is hard, but they will learn to like it. I believe in “Hey”,in a good joke, in a nice handshake or a smile like an opening at poker.

If she reciprocates with a smile then the stakes have doubled…….


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You need to be told when you declare your love?/ Valentine’s Day

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I’m a sort of Grinch of Valentine’s Day.

But I’m not the only one who would vomit if they saw miles of hearts.

I was with a friend when we turned around after we entered Card Factory……and we actually had something to buy from there…. 😀

Love is not boredom. How exactly does it work? 14th  of February is the day when you pretend you’re both more intensely attracted to each other?

Love is an extreme sport. It’s a fight. It’s a cup of “hot life”. Someone  in love  won’t listen to his relatives,friends or even his own rationality. He can’t be part of the zombie army that looks for happiness in malls and hope to find it at clearance.

Happiness costs.

Love’s epicentre isn’t in a day….but in two souls.

14 of February is a day for the people that never had it. They don’t know what it feels like or they haven’t had it in a while…..they want to prove some people their life is amazing too…..and that….they’re “blending” in.

News flash. The way the world looks……………………………………………………………………………………..let me get off at the next stop.

I would take a girl out on Valentine’s day. But it wouldn’t be any different than any other night I took my girlfriend out.  You need someone to tell you when to have a special day with your “special”? WOW? Buy her a bear that says “I love you”. That should do it. Take her to the stars every night. Not just on one night. That, if you can even take her to the stars. 🙂

Seriously, live a little. Laugh a lot. Share only if you dare. 🙂

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What does the perfect relationship look like, for those who don’t have it….

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Men imagine the perfect relationship like a car, beautiful and resistant. Everyone needs to admire her at a traffic light…..But the ideal car doesn’t exist, and women and cars are alike, if you don’t take care of them, they leave you. 🙂

Woman imagine the perfect relationship, more through negation….

They don’t want things to happen again, especially those that sucked.

He has to follow some rules:

To not drink.

To not look after other women.

To not… …..hurt me….

To increase the volume of the orgasm .

To increase the volume of the pectorals…and other volumes until they are just “right”….

Some just want a magical remote  for their relationship, one that fast forwards ….

Men would reduce her volume, maybe even mute her when she’s in the mood for arguing…

Its all about not forgetting her on “pause”.

Interest doesn’t die out in the perfect relationship. That can’t happen. Especially when there’s that discrete sense of insecurity. A bit of jealousy is essential ( I don’t mean murder ) 😀

Communication goes smooth. As smooth as a Concorde flying 10 m above you. 🙂

The funny thing is, when you get to that age, having the perfect relationship, you start complicating things. We’re humans, we don’t like easy things, everything has to be complicated.

You see his passions become “tiring”.  He sees your friends just as tiring….

You see 2-3 defects and think that’s a lot. Hundreds other qualities are omitted.

Clearly, she needs to change some things about herself….. After she left you realise there were some things YOU needed to change.

Then you wonder why your hands feel so empty without hers.

And you search……..

You don’t find the perfect relationship, you construct it.


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