Month: May 2014

Mandatory happiness.

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The fact that you’re single creates your parents displeasure.

Your friends think you’re on a leash because you didn’t go out for a beer when Chelsea won.

It looks dubious to employers if you haven’t worked for 6 months. You become unadaptable  when you refuse disgraceful jobs…

Walking to the grocery story becomes torture to every driver.

If others had my blog they would make £5000 a month.

It was always easier for others to tell us how our lives should be lived. It’s like everyone becomes a marital counsellor after 2 beers.

After a couple more beers, they know what’s best for the country…..

You only have one woman? You’re probably sharing her with a co-worker, you just don’t know it.

It’s a bit crowded in mediocrity. Hold onto the ones that escaped it. The ones that you don’t have to pretend around.

Happiness is not mandatory in the same way sincerity is not always convenient.

And the people that would live your life better, better live their own.