Life is like a video game – you know you’re going the right way when everything’s trying to kill you. If nothing’s trying to kill you, then either the path you’re on is not important, or it’s been done already.

These pages are by me, skeptical thoughts, logic, enthusiasm  and a touch of sharp, bitter, or cutting expressions… What I claim is to live to the full the contradiction of my time and my passion: flying – science, freedom, beauty, adventure: what more could you ask? Aviation combines all the elements I love.  Being driven by human curiosity and a love-or-hate personality, I have a hard time not telling people what I think of them all the time. Often people have a hard time making fun of themselves and they take things too personally. Come on! Lighten up! After all who has it all figured out? No one! That being said, enjoy… this is me, Alex!

Yours, Alexandru M Maxim.


Have something to say? Disagree with me? Good, tell me about it.

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