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Choose to be happy, it’s good for your health…

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If you walked up to me and asked me what I wanted from life I would have given you a totally different answer 3-4 years ago than I’d give now.  I’d have said financial stability, you know, not astronomical sums, but enough not to worry what to eat or how to pay the rent/mortgage.

I’d give a different answer now. I’d say I’d choose health. If you’re healthy, you have the ultimate freedom. You can do all the things you wish to do, even the ones you wish not to. Vices are for people who can afford them. 🙂

What really annoys me is that people have choices. And most of the times they make the wrong ones. DON’T LET THEM TAKE WHAT’S BEST IN LIFE. Never stop, you can achieve what you want. This book that I’m reading at the moment called “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne kind of emphasises on your thought process. She elaborates on how your thoughts and actions attract positive or negative things to you. As a example if you’re irritated you’ll attract back to you all people, circumstances , and events that will make your day stressful. Think of negative things and nature will give you to you in floods.

Most people don’t realise how much freedom they have. From doing WHATEVER you want to doing it with WHOEVER you want. Remember, if you don’t ask they answer will always be no. I value freedom greatly. The fact that I can go anywhere at any time, I think that’s the richest thing in my life, wouldn’t trade it for anything.

The way I see it, there are people that spend their life dying and there are people who LIVE life. I want more people to “feel”…..You have the sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch so that you can feel everything in life. Why is it that so many of us choose to focus on the things we don’t have as opposed to focusing on the things we do have. People need to realise that the glass it’s always full, it’s a matter of perception.

It’s cold outside at the moment. Britain in January…… Now I could say the weather here sucks or I could go outside and feel.


I love women, but sometimes I really want to mop the floor with them.

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When a woman tells a guy: “You’re arrogant, annoying and insensible”, she’s actually telling him:”You’re attractive, argh, what I’d do to you…..and I hate myself for it” 🙂

What really pisses me off is the attitude women have towards other woman.

Can you blame a woman that receives 20 offers a day that she had 20 boyfriends in the past 15 years? Of course you can, if you’re one of the ‘genetically less fortunate’ who has to start 20 conversations before some guy has some faint interest. Now, you’re going to hold onto him with your teeth and you’re somehow under the impression you’re some goddess of fidelity. HA HA HA

When she feels her man is looking after some beautiful lady, she casually brings out the secrets: she just got divorced…..or my favourite “they say she has a new lover every season”. What would I answer? I wouldn’t mind being summer. 🙂

I noticed you women do this a lot. I heard it too. This is golden. “Look how ugly that women in Playboy is”. You can say pretty much anything about the women in playboy, that they’re helped in Photoshop, that they’re vulgar, that they’re not your type  but a truly ugly woman would not appear on the cover of Playboy.

The farther away from the beauty spectrum the more bitchy they get. That bitchiness comes in floods. I agree, not having “action” is a handicap, just like not having a hand……you should be allowed to park in disabled spaces at Tescos as a small moral adjustment.

So teach your son that women are whores, liars, materialistic and it’s not going to take long until he makes the connection…..and he’ll treat you exactly how you deserve….like a stupid whore that you are,a heteroclite mother that contributes to the ugliness of the world.

And he will treat all women in his life badly, which, if they respected each other more……they would receive that respect, that in their beautiful days deserve.

PS: How many women would secretly agree with me on this?


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Yours,  A M Maxim

People don’t forgive you if you’re happy

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I’m feeling on a different level at the moment and I’d like to share what I’m thinking with the very few people that click on my boring posts.

It just occurred to me that we seek our happiness in other people’s sadness. I don’t know if I’m stupid because I hadn’t realised that before or I’m really smart for realising it at this age.

You get that kind of people that ask you “how are you?” “I’m good, feeling very happy.” Then you get a reply like “ahh” and then that feeling of disapproval. The kind of person that thinks he knows everything, been through everything, that he knows what’s best for you. You know when he says “I’m very happy for you….that he’s saying that with  ‘half a mouth’. You can see it on his face. That he’s suffering terribly because you’re doing ok. Because you have the courage to say: “yes, I’m happy”. But only that you say that. You can see it on your face.

And that face annoys the person so much……He’s the kind of person that would tell you that “love lasts 3 years, that the ending of Love Story kinda sucked,  that Tristan and Isolde didn’t have just a perfect relationship, that Romeo and Julie was just ok. This kind of people are really good when you get in trouble. He’s the kind that will tell you:”You’re not ok??? It’s going to be just fine”.

That’s when he activates. His senses come to extreme sensitivity when he hears you’re not okay. He’s the kind that gets upset because you’re happy.

So I smile, make bad jokes, laugh as much as possible,live each moment to the highest intensity. I like to laugh and live.

Yours, A M Maxim

What to do when your girlfriend/wife decides to leave you…..

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When she tells you she doesn’t like your grumpy face when you wake up in the morning…..or that she’s sick of you…..

Start begging and go on all fours asking for mercy. Tell her you can’t live without her…..All this nonsense that you’d do. DON’T. You can’t stop a woman from leaving. You can only make her not want to.

When she tells you she wants to leave your pathetic being ask her the following: “Are you sure?”  If she replies with “yes”  say “Ok, bye” and move on with your life….Ask her if she needs any help, with moving her stuff out of your apartment, of course….

If you can’t live without her, if the sun rises and sets above her, if you can’t perceive a world without her, if your weather forecast depends on her smile then your only chance is this. If you want the slightest chance of reconciliation at some point in life then do this. By trying to lick her high heels you’re only going to prolong this unnecessary pain….and she will see this….she will realise your slavery and will crush you. Believe me, it’s her instinct to do so.

If you manage to change her mind through humiliation then I assure you she’ll want to leave again , and soon. Why? Because you just showed her that you’re something she wipes the floor with.

Just by saying “Ok, bye” you made her think. Hold on, I said I was leaving him and he said ok? UH-OH. Her pride will work for you and against her.


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Yours, A M Maxim.

Is it her fault for the scars left by someone else?

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Is it her fault you let your past haunts you?


Mistrust is like a preventive slap. Every promise is a hazard. We don’t enter a relationship like the villains in movies. We don’t go on a first date with a diabolical plan to win her trust. After we got it, we don’t use a silver knife to cut her soul in little pieces. No one can promise a future that will change us…..

Women are disposed to believe stories. She’s kissed many frogs, you might turn out to be a prince.

We, men, suffer from retrospective paranoia. If someone just cheated on him, all women are undiscovered whores, temporarily.

If his ex was “spendy” then you better not bring your £800 Chanel bag on the first date. If his ex gained a bit of weight, you better expect him to look if you’ve finished your meal, even if you ordered salad.

He’s so scared of the last relationship he isn’t even enjoying himself around you. He’s analysing you, comparing everything you do with his last consort. God forbid if you share one or two traits.

If you ask me, we’re not paranoid. We’ve been there, done that. We know these womanly circumventions very well.

So I have to ask, why would you want to start over again with someone who lives in the past, someone who brings all the negativity with him? Why would you want someone who projects everything that happens in the past on present’s board? That’s a relationship without………………………without a future.

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Yours, A M MAXIM

Can you regret a relationship that never happened?

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There are people that can drown from a glass of water and there are people who can swim from France to England.

There are people that don’t see the door open and people that dig their way to freedom from the prison of memories.  Most of the times a relationship doesn’t happen because of others.

Being afraid of making the same mistakes we don’t do anything.  And that’s how you end up regretting a relationship you never had, a love that you aborted, a blossoming soul and you can’t stop thinking whether it would be same or better if you were next to him/her.

You could have been next to her.

You could have illuminated her face and her nights.

The better she is in her new relationship the more you regret she didn’t live it with you.

……but dreams change their address when you wait too long before visiting them.

That’s how we end up regretting tomorrow.

Future is past in reverse.


Yours, A M Maxim

Why are we immune to words?

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Because men are like advertisements: the description has nothing to do with the product.

After all, actions are what we expect from one another, it’s a lot easier to say than to do.

Big words often hide sensitive souls, which hide like children in mummy’s shoes.

You can’t walk in words. You can’t try to convince with promises. What’s fair, there are men that work 2 jobs and think that’s enough. They work for the happiness of the couple but leave it halved…..

It may be unfair that some of these people wake up alone. On the other hand how many people sleep together in the same bed, ALONE? Maybe it is unfair. But we need something sweet at the end of the meal, even though that doesn’t kill your hunger.

It’s hard to balance, it’s hard not to succeed. You don’t have to. Men like in movies only exist in movies.

Negative characters exist in everyone’s subconsciousness.

I’m extremely skeptical when someone compliments me, especially when it’s usually followed by a request.

Women are very skeptical to promises, especially since they are followed by nothing.