How NOT to start a conversation with a woman you don’t know…

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I find the title amusing. Why? Because a woman will know whether she wants to sleep with you or not from first sight. The only thing you can do is change her mind into saying NO.

There’s some subconscious sortation or maybe even very  conscious.

Everything can start from this point….

Women are the best liars and the best detectors of lies. So I think it’s more PROFITABLE to not lie and be so sure of yourself. Better a truth, faltering.  If you’re on the list….she’s going to say you faultered “cutely”, proving sensitivity. If you’re not….she’ll think you’re semi-retarded…

Life is not fair. :)))))

I’m a big fan of a the guy who has the charm of not lying when creating a conversation. I believe in common choices. From the first seconds. I choose to speak, she chooses to listen.

I believe in weighing the chances before you approach her. I believe in eye contact. I know that for some this is hard, but they will learn to like it. I believe in “Hey”,in a good joke, in a nice handshake or a smile like an opening at poker.

If she reciprocates with a smile then the stakes have doubled…….


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Is every choice a mistake?

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For the people that know me, they know I’m the most stubborn, eccentric person they’ve met. For those that don’t know, I’m 19 years of age. I can proudly say I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my short life experience.  They say people learn from their mistakes but do they also mistake when they learn? I’ve learned some things when I made the right decisions, even more when I made the wrong ones. But there’s no such thing as right or wrong, it’s the way you interpret it that matters.

Life will present us with ….well….choices.  We have to make a choice when it comes to what career we want to pursue. Or whether we decide to let it go, lose every bit of pride you have left and call your mum, apologise for mistaking. I’m a perfectionist, not per se but close. I like winning but I follow the rules, well, not all of them. When I start something I want to be the best at it. That’s me, it’s either everything or nothing.

Don’t make a decision when you’re angry,stressed or upset. I learned the hard way. Sometimes I wish I could go back and do things differently, impetuous choices are not choices. They’re mistakes. Some choices are made for us, some we have some sort of control over them, some are simply immoral but we take that path anyway because we’re human.  Regret the choices you think were wrong but don’t let that deprive you of happiness.

Some people will choose career over family or vice versa. Some people will choose to do something they like while others will chose to do something that brings them material stability. We all have to live with our choices. I guess it’s up to us to decide whether we’ve made the right or wrong choices. But what’s right and wrong? Who decides? YOU do. We have to look deep within ourselves to see that.

So what’s the critical detail that helps me decide? The pleasure of living.

Yours, A M Maxim