Mandatory happiness.

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The fact that you’re single creates your parents displeasure.

Your friends think you’re on a leash because you didn’t go out for a beer when Chelsea won.

It looks dubious to employers if you haven’t worked for 6 months. You become unadaptable  when you refuse disgraceful jobs…

Walking to the grocery story becomes torture to every driver.

If others had my blog they would make £5000 a month.

It was always easier for others to tell us how our lives should be lived. It’s like everyone becomes a marital counsellor after 2 beers.

After a couple more beers, they know what’s best for the country…..

You only have one woman? You’re probably sharing her with a co-worker, you just don’t know it.

It’s a bit crowded in mediocrity. Hold onto the ones that escaped it. The ones that you don’t have to pretend around.

Happiness is not mandatory in the same way sincerity is not always convenient.

And the people that would live your life better, better live their own.



You need to be told when you declare your love?/ Valentine’s Day

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I’m a sort of Grinch of Valentine’s Day.

But I’m not the only one who would vomit if they saw miles of hearts.

I was with a friend when we turned around after we entered Card Factory……and we actually had something to buy from there…. 😀

Love is not boredom. How exactly does it work? 14th  of February is the day when you pretend you’re both more intensely attracted to each other?

Love is an extreme sport. It’s a fight. It’s a cup of “hot life”. Someone  in love  won’t listen to his relatives,friends or even his own rationality. He can’t be part of the zombie army that looks for happiness in malls and hope to find it at clearance.

Happiness costs.

Love’s epicentre isn’t in a day….but in two souls.

14 of February is a day for the people that never had it. They don’t know what it feels like or they haven’t had it in a while…..they want to prove some people their life is amazing too…..and that….they’re “blending” in.

News flash. The way the world looks……………………………………………………………………………………..let me get off at the next stop.

I would take a girl out on Valentine’s day. But it wouldn’t be any different than any other night I took my girlfriend out.  You need someone to tell you when to have a special day with your “special”? WOW? Buy her a bear that says “I love you”. That should do it. Take her to the stars every night. Not just on one night. That, if you can even take her to the stars. 🙂

Seriously, live a little. Laugh a lot. Share only if you dare. 🙂

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People don’t forgive you if you’re happy

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I’m feeling on a different level at the moment and I’d like to share what I’m thinking with the very few people that click on my boring posts.

It just occurred to me that we seek our happiness in other people’s sadness. I don’t know if I’m stupid because I hadn’t realised that before or I’m really smart for realising it at this age.

You get that kind of people that ask you “how are you?” “I’m good, feeling very happy.” Then you get a reply like “ahh” and then that feeling of disapproval. The kind of person that thinks he knows everything, been through everything, that he knows what’s best for you. You know when he says “I’m very happy for you….that he’s saying that with  ‘half a mouth’. You can see it on his face. That he’s suffering terribly because you’re doing ok. Because you have the courage to say: “yes, I’m happy”. But only that you say that. You can see it on your face.

And that face annoys the person so much……He’s the kind of person that would tell you that “love lasts 3 years, that the ending of Love Story kinda sucked,  that Tristan and Isolde didn’t have just a perfect relationship, that Romeo and Julie was just ok. This kind of people are really good when you get in trouble. He’s the kind that will tell you:”You’re not ok??? It’s going to be just fine”.

That’s when he activates. His senses come to extreme sensitivity when he hears you’re not okay. He’s the kind that gets upset because you’re happy.

So I smile, make bad jokes, laugh as much as possible,live each moment to the highest intensity. I like to laugh and live.

Yours, A M Maxim

Why are we immune to words?

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Because men are like advertisements: the description has nothing to do with the product.

After all, actions are what we expect from one another, it’s a lot easier to say than to do.

Big words often hide sensitive souls, which hide like children in mummy’s shoes.

You can’t walk in words. You can’t try to convince with promises. What’s fair, there are men that work 2 jobs and think that’s enough. They work for the happiness of the couple but leave it halved…..

It may be unfair that some of these people wake up alone. On the other hand how many people sleep together in the same bed, ALONE? Maybe it is unfair. But we need something sweet at the end of the meal, even though that doesn’t kill your hunger.

It’s hard to balance, it’s hard not to succeed. You don’t have to. Men like in movies only exist in movies.

Negative characters exist in everyone’s subconsciousness.

I’m extremely skeptical when someone compliments me, especially when it’s usually followed by a request.

Women are very skeptical to promises, especially since they are followed by nothing.


Is every choice a mistake?

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For the people that know me, they know I’m the most stubborn, eccentric person they’ve met. For those that don’t know, I’m 19 years of age. I can proudly say I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my short life experience.  They say people learn from their mistakes but do they also mistake when they learn? I’ve learned some things when I made the right decisions, even more when I made the wrong ones. But there’s no such thing as right or wrong, it’s the way you interpret it that matters.

Life will present us with ….well….choices.  We have to make a choice when it comes to what career we want to pursue. Or whether we decide to let it go, lose every bit of pride you have left and call your mum, apologise for mistaking. I’m a perfectionist, not per se but close. I like winning but I follow the rules, well, not all of them. When I start something I want to be the best at it. That’s me, it’s either everything or nothing.

Don’t make a decision when you’re angry,stressed or upset. I learned the hard way. Sometimes I wish I could go back and do things differently, impetuous choices are not choices. They’re mistakes. Some choices are made for us, some we have some sort of control over them, some are simply immoral but we take that path anyway because we’re human.  Regret the choices you think were wrong but don’t let that deprive you of happiness.

Some people will choose career over family or vice versa. Some people will choose to do something they like while others will chose to do something that brings them material stability. We all have to live with our choices. I guess it’s up to us to decide whether we’ve made the right or wrong choices. But what’s right and wrong? Who decides? YOU do. We have to look deep within ourselves to see that.

So what’s the critical detail that helps me decide? The pleasure of living.

Yours, A M Maxim

Life is a learning journey

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“With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.”-Oscar Wilde

Every year I look back at what I did and realise how stupid I was. The thing is, I’m still stupid, just slightly less. We learn something new everyday.  A new word, a recipe or that our favourite actor is inclined toward the other side. 🙂


Finding you’re capable of something you doubted about yourself is the greatest. For me, that’s being calm. I’m very short tempered and certain people have the ability to blow my fuse instantaneously. I learned that if I don’t immediately respond with anger and rather stand back and think for a minute, I can have a better, rational argument with people.

Words hurt. 

I learned this over the course of a couple of years. I’m not very fond of this, I can’t grasp the concept. I’m used to saying what’s on my mind, sometimes it can be criticism (most of the time) and sometimes it could be a compliment.  This is very selfish of me but I don’t think of the consequences or impact of what I say has on people. In my mind, I’m like, just my opinion, people aren’t affected by it. Well this is false. For some reason people are very sensitive to words.  I will say this though, why should you care what I say? We’re different people, We value different things, We have different ideas, We have different principles. By the way, I still speak my mind, I’m a strong believer in sincerity.

People judge.

If you’re blonde you must be retarded, if you have big boobs you must be a whore. If you have small boobs, you’re flat. If you have a girlfriend, you must be cheating. If you’re single, forever alone.  If you’re fat, you like kebabs. If you’re skinny, fucking eat something.

They WILL ALWAYS find something to say, the sad thing, I’m part of them. Everyone’s judgmental, some people choose to keep it to themselves. At least, that’s what I believe.

Most people are money driven. 

What’s the most common dream ? I’d say it’s: “I want to make money, tons”.

Money driven people are usually the ones that never had any, or should I say enough. Us, teenagers.  We’re indoctrinated by friends, parents, relatives that money is power. Sadly, money=power.  Power to what? To afford expensive hobbies that you might have or  to buy a new car, of course it has to be a “super car”. I don’t know, I’d rather do something I enjoy, something that doesn’t make me hate my life on a Monday morning, something that makes me look forward to it each day.

They say money doesn’t buy you happiness but does it help you maintain it?


Yours A M Maxim.