What does the perfect relationship look like, for those who don’t have it….

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Men imagine the perfect relationship like a car, beautiful and resistant. Everyone needs to admire her at a traffic light…..But the ideal car doesn’t exist, and women and cars are alike, if you don’t take care of them, they leave you. ūüôā

Woman imagine the perfect relationship, more through negation….

They don’t want things to happen again, especially those that sucked.

He has to follow some rules:

To not drink.

To not look after other women.

To not… …..hurt me….

To increase the volume of the orgasm .

To¬†increase the volume of the pectorals…and other volumes until they are just “right”….

Some just want a magical remote ¬†for their relationship, one that fast forwards ….

Men would reduce her volume, maybe even mute her when she’s in the mood for arguing…

Its all about not forgetting her on “pause”.

Interest doesn’t die out in the perfect relationship. That can’t happen. Especially when there’s that discrete sense of insecurity. A bit of jealousy is essential ( I don’t mean murder ) ūüėÄ

Communication goes smooth. As smooth as a Concorde flying 10 m above you. ūüôā

The funny thing is, when you get to that age, having the perfect relationship, you start complicating things. We’re humans, we don’t like easy things, everything has to be complicated.

You see his passions become “tiring”. ¬†He sees your friends just as tiring….

You see 2-3 defects and think that’s a lot. Hundreds other qualities are omitted.

Clearly, she needs to change some things about herself….. After she left you realise there were some things YOU needed to change.

Then you wonder why your hands feel so empty without hers.

And you search……..

You don’t find the perfect relationship, you construct it.


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Where do we find beauty?

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“The experience of “beauty” often involves an interpretation of some entity as being in balance and¬†harmony¬†with¬†nature, which may lead to feelings of¬†attraction¬†and emotional well-being. Because this can be a¬†subjective¬†experience, it is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

As soon as we mention beauty we think of women. Some of us think about that woman we passed by today that was so aesthetically pleasing. Beauty right? If you’re in this position, live a little, idiot.

I think the ability to find beauty in everything is a necessity. Too many people want more when they could work with what they have. The glass is never half full or empty, there’s always something in there, you just have to SEE it.


One of my special friends is in Vienna right now and she sent me this. How many of us would say it’s too cold, or the weather is obnoxious? I’d just sit down on a bench, smoke a cigarette and just take in the view. Actually, I’m lying, I’d smoke more than one.

We can find beauty in nature, the awesome machinery that nature is.

What’s more beautiful than a ¬†lioness adopting an antelope, her pray? This is mind blowing. If animals can do this, why can’t we live peacefully as humans? Why do we need so many wars? Oh that’s right, the americans need oil.

We can find beauty in hobbies. Doing what you like is beautiful, it pleases you, otherwise why are you doing it? ^_^

The beauty in art. You know the Sistine Chapel? You’re Michelangelo and what you’re doing is the Sistine chapel.

You can find beauty in women. I don’t mean physical beauty, that will pass. I’m talking about the beauty beneath the mask, beneath her beautiful.

Because I’m human.

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Because I’m at the top of the trophic chain I do what I please ¬†animals. I would trade my bank account, we’re talking six figures(in micro pennies) for a skinning knife and one hour with the people I see on youtube make animals fight each other. I can’t comprehend this, If we’re at the top of the trophic chain, Why do we still have the killer instinct? To keep us there you say? No, we’re human and that makes us intelligent…………………..

I’m human and I need to dress up, I need to eat. Of course I’m not going to wear non-leather shoes, I’m human, I’m pretentious.

I kill trillions of fish every year but I pathetically cry when a cute dolphin dies. I’m human. I kill millions of chickens every year for alimentation but I DO take care of a parrot.

I’m human and I’ve taken control of this planet. I deforested 10 million hectares every year but I do take care of a palm tree or a cactus. I make sure I water it, because I’m human and I’m a hypocrite.

Seems like Darwin was right about his theory of evolution, he just got upper quartile and lower quartile mixed up. “The value of a “superior” creature can be estimated through the compassion it offers to a helpless one”



Yours, A M Maxim.