People are amazing.

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I have so much respect for people that do amazing things, people that go out of their comfort zone, people that risk their life to entertain you for a minute.  People who take pleasure in making you feel amazing. As I said in one of my older posts: There are people who drawn from a glass of water and people that can swim from England to France.

People that dedicate their life to a certain passion. People who give away family to pursue what they love. It fascinates me that some people turn out to be such amazing husband/wife material and some people turn out to be a lone wolfs. People that wonder the world seeing things most of us will never get to. Why? Because people have choices. You make your own life, not one is going to make it the way you want. There’s so many places to go, so many things to see, so many situations I crave to be in, so many experiences I want to go through, so many people I want to meet, so many things I want to learn, the hard way.

It’s mind-blowing how some people have certain principles. Although I hate biology and chemistry, I love what the human mind can do. The places it can take you, surrounded by the 4 walls of your room. Just close your eyes and dream. People that have that ability, I envy you, so much.

I was in college the other day and I had this conversation with this guy, I asked him if he drinks alcohol. He calmly said: “I don’t drink”. I looked at him bewildered, my ignorance not realising the diversity in people. I aggressively asked him if he had ever tried it…….He looked in my eyes and smiled, saying: “I don’t drink”.  He had that look on his face, like he didn’t understand my stupefaction. That’s human nature….

Sure, you have people that stab you in the back for a greater salary, and you have people that think they stole your girlfriend. Of course he doesn’t realise that if you allowed him to steal her, she stopped being yours before he even got there or should I say in there. 🙂

You also have people that annoy me until my blood starts to boil. They’re still people, they’re still fascinating, just not to me. People that have a hard time comprehending logical reasoning. Because everything in this world happens at the wish of a supernatural god that punishes you when you sin. SUCH LAUGH.

I find astonishing this rule people created. I was on my way to college the other day, I took my packet of cigarettes out, realising I had like 18 left I fainted a smile. 20 seconds later, someone walks up to me and asks me:”Do you have a spare cigarette?”. Mind-blowing. Not “I’ve seen you take your cigarettes out, can I please have one?”. No, of course not. You can’t put someone you don’t know in an awkward situation. You have to ask if they have a spare one, although you’ve seen their packet. There are certain rules that we follow, without even realising it.

It mesmerises me to learn about people, to see what makes them tick, what makes them do things, what makes them blindly follow religion, what makes them be so passionate about science, what makes people make the choices they make. I want to know their stories. I want to……KNOW.

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Religion war.

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I saw this thing on facebook. Some random woman talking about how our kids are forced to celebrate “death” through Halloween and how We’re inclined toward witchcraft as opposed to god.  How We’re stupid because we celebrate Halloween. This is the exact reason I’m not fond of religious people. They’re so blinded by their faith in god they can’t comprehend anything else. Do I think that’s being narrow minded? YES, DOUBLE YES, TRIPLE YES.

You’d think it stops there. It doesn’t 🙂 . What annoys me the most, it’s not what they believe but what they preach. They say We live in democratic society but you are judged if you don’t do what they do, believe what they do and feel what they feel. Why is that? Of course you’re an atheist if you judge them, you’re a bad person.

I’m going to raise the stakes and say that religion is a doctrine. You’re born and you’re immediately baptized or Christianized. Where’s my choice? Well I messaged this guy who replied to this woman’s post the following: “Brother, I don’t know you but I want to say WELL DONE. Well done because you’re not blinded by religion, congratulations that religion doesn’t stop you from thinking rationally.” I assumed he was religious, you’d gather that from what he said. But he wasn’t. He replied with the most epic message I’ve ever read. It’s so true.

He said:” I’m not religious at all. I’ve been religious all my life. I believed in “faith” but I analyzed the situation and had to conclude that I can’t precisely say whether god exists or not but the possibility that it doesn’t exist is much greater than if it does exist. So I chose to live conscious, to accept myself the consequences of my actions and to live in a way my conscious will always be clear. Religious people jump to judge people quickly but have 0 tolerance if people judge them. I think it’s hypocrisy. Thanks for the message, I’m glad to know there are people out there without their brain used as a decoration and they know how to use it.”

I could not have written that better myself. I’m not going to further elaborate because this should do it. So please, I urge you. Let me believe what I want. You seem to think if you DO believe that automatically makes you a better person. Please try to escape the dark room of ignorance and stop judging people. After all, all religion is, is a massive organisation to control people.

Edit: I rejected the option of a god to a person and she said:” I think you’re too much in control of who you are, you forget tomorrow you might not be” Hold on, calm your horses, do I have to believe in god out of fear now? WHAT ?!?!?!?! Tomorrow I might not exist. But I’m willing to accept the consequences of my actions when that so called “Judgement Day” comes.


Religion and Science

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I was having a rather interesting conversation with a friend about religion.  She was saying the BIG BANG happened because god wanted it to happen…Hmmmm

If there were people that ask themselves where We come from, why us, why here, why now without putting all in the name of god I wouldn’t be writing this. This is how I manifest myself.

Whenever you question some religious person about the existence of a greater power, a god, they immediately quote the Bible/Quran like they were faxed from heaven.

Since Constantine the Great was able to alter some things in the Bible who are we to say someone else before him didn’t do the same?

I will admit there are things in the Bible that are mind blowing. But then again, there are things science discovers every day that are just inexplicable.

There are questions that Science can’t answer but then again can the Bible/Quran?

The Bible says “Earth” is at the centre at the universe. Why was the church against Copernicus’s model of the Milky Way where Earth orbits the Sun and not the other way around? HMMM. Why did the church banned/killed,incarcerated  so many scientists?


Yours, A M Maxim